Fox News "First" Featuring Leggy News Babes

Leggy Fox News babes Ainsely Earhardt and Anna KoimanFox News Babes show sexy legs

Fox News Channel aired a new early early morning show on Monday that features news hotties Ainsely Earhardt and Anna Koiman.

I've posted before and it's common knowledge that the producers at Fox News seem to like to feature the hottest "news babes" out there and put them on sets that feature their legs. As you can see the set of the new show is just the two beautiful blondes perched up on high chairs that highlight their long sexy legs in heels. Most of the show was also shot in full body mode as seen here.

I tuned in this morning and apparently things have changed, The girls are now behind a desk and most of the shots were close ups- shoulders and face. :-(

I guess the show may have been too sexy for the Bible thumpers in the heartland.

*** Update ***
Well, it looks like Fox went and ruined this show. These pics are from the pilot show on Monday 3/5. On Tuesday they moved the girls behind a desk which hid their legs. On Wednesday, they shook up the cast. Now it's one babe- not one of the original 2 but still OK looking- and one dude- some talking head they dug up. The show is now just another happy talk morning show- boring as hell, and not even worth watching for the leg show any more. Nice job Fox!

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