Beth Behrs Long Sexy Legs

Beth Behrs long legsBeth Behrs and Kat Dennings legs

I'm not a huge prime time TV sitcom fan really, but occasionally I watch a new show to see if it makes me chuckle. Well, this season I ran across this show called 2 Broke Girls starring Kat Dennings and a long legged hottie named Beth Behrs.

Although 2 Broke Girls doesn't make me laugh much it does do other things for me. Watching Beth Behrs walk around for most of the show in a short waitress skirt and high heels has been enough to keep me coming back for more. Don't get me wrong- Kat Dennings is plenty cute, but this is a celebrity leg site. If I ran a Celebrity boob site, Kat would be the focus of this post.

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  1. Three words: Beth Behrs Body !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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