No More Updates Folks!

FYIThe post below will be the last update on this website.

The problem is that I'm just tired of this blog's format and due to some glitch in's admin for this blog, I cannot access the tool to change or modify the template. It's just frustrating.

So, I've started a whole new site- Celebrity Leg Show and I've been updating it for a few weeks now. 

If you're a fan of this website and a frequent visitor, I'm sorry. But please be sure to check out the new site. I think it's a lot more visually appealing. Plus instead of just one daily update, I'm going to try to keep up a pace of 5 or 6 posts a day!

Thanks and see you on the new site.

Kyra Sedgwick's Beautiful Legs

Kyra Sedgwick's Beautiful Legs