Jennifer Aniston Kick Ass Legs

Jennifer Aniston Wanderlust GQ shootJennifer Aniston kneeing Paul Rudd in the nutsJennifer Aniston Paul Rudd GQ shoot

I came across this photo shoot set from GQ of Jenifer Anistion beating up Paul Rudd for some reason. It was to promote the movie they did together called "Wanderlust".

Jennifer Aniston just doesn't seen to get any less hot with the years. She still has those awesome legs- toned and defined calves with that great ass and overall incredible body.

Is she worth taking a knee to the nuts for?

Billie Piper Curvy Shapely Legs

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl Billie Piper ad

A lot of you may not have heard of Billie Piper. That's because she's an English actress and has had little exposure in the States.

She has however been in the cast of a popular British sci-fi show called Dr. Who since 2005 which can be seen on the BBC America channel. Also, she's starred in a show called Secret Diary Of A Call Girl which aired on Showtime.

Billie has a real English look to her. By that I mean she's buxom, curvy, and has thick shapely legs.

Jill Hennessy Has Long Sexy Legs

Sexy legs of actress Jill HennessySexy Jill Hennessy leggy poseCelebrity legs of actress Jill Hennessy

Jill Hennessy is a statuesque lady with long sexy legs.

Christina Hendricks Shapely Legs

Actress Christina Hendricks in fishnet stockings and high heelsActress Christina Hendricks hot legs and body

Celebrity legs of Christina HendricksChristina Hendricks sexy legs

The full figured redhead bombshell Christina Hendricks in a sexy retro themed photo shoot.

Good Kirsten Dunst vs Bad Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst vs. Kirsten Dunst

A few years back Kirsten Dunst did this photo shoot for Rolling Stone and IMO it's incredibly hot. I have a "thing" for retro undies- seamed stockings, bullet bras, etc.

Look carefully and you see both chicks in the picture are Kirsten. They are fighting in a good girl, bad girl fantasy.

Some guys are on the fence about Kirsten. She has a look that some guys don't like. Some may call her a "butter face" (everything's good but-her-face), but I think she's fine. You definitely can't argue with her legs. They're just awesome.